How to determine the reg domain and country code that are currently set in the 60-series module?

When you issue the following command on an embedded Linux system with mounted debugfs and correctly integrated 60-series radio, you, for example get the below information:

# cat /sys/class/ieee80211/phyX/device/lrd/info

Driver name : lrdmwl
Chip type   : 88W8997-SDIO
HW  version : 7
FW  version :
DRV version :
OTP version : 1
OTP num mac : 3
Radio Type  : SU
MAC address : c0:ee:40:50:2a:70
Region code : 0x10 (0x10)
Country code: 'US' ('US')
TX antenna  : 2
RX antenna  : 2

The country/region code on the left is the current code that is used by the system at that moment, whereas the one in parentheses is what is currently in OTP.

The only time they might not match is when using Advanced World Mode (AWM).

The used region codes are:

0x00: WW (World Wide)
0x10: FCC
0x20: IC
0x30: ETSI
0x31: KCC
0x32: AU
0x40: JP
0x50: CN

"phyX" in above command will have to be replaced with the actual phy your module is known to your system. e.g. phy0, phy1, phy2, phy3,...