How can I test LTE connectivity from my IG60-BL654-LTE with

When an available LTE connection is configured along with WLAN profiles and/or one or more WLAN profiles, the Sentrius IG60 uses the following behaviour to establish network connections:

  • If a WLAN like Wi-fi connection is established and available, it will be used when establishing a connection
  • The LTE connection will be used for connections when a WLAN connection isn't available

After following all steps to register and commission your IG60-BL654-LTE trough Wi-fi then successively deploying BT510/610 into your Bluegrass account, go back to your IG60 Sentrius phone application to remove Wi-fi and enable LTE. After a couple of minutes the LTE connection should take over on sending BT510 data into your Bluegrass platform.

Please make sure to use a proper activated IoT SIM Card compatible with LTE Cat1 network.