How can I easily write my own Laird Linux image to my blank 60SOM?

The internal memory of the 60SOM (and also the 60SOM DVK of course) can be flashed by the means of the program "fw_update" available in Laird Linux generic image downloadable from Laird.

There is no need to use a tftp server from U-boot.

A prerequisite of course is that the SDcard interface of the 60SOM is brought out and console access is available as is on the 60SOM DVK.

This is the process:

  • Boot with generic 60SOM image from Laird from SDcard
  • Issue “fw_update -m complete <url or path to .swu file>”
  • Remove SDcard
  • Reboot

<url or path to .swu file> can be on a USB stick, a network location, the SDcard itself, etc.

The .swu file will have been generated after succesfully bulding an image for the 60SOM for example in folder:

Note: this is just an example. Your full path will very likely be different.

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