How can I access the Out-Of-Box Pinnacle or MG100 UART command line interface?

Both Pinnacle and MG100 both are programmable using Zephyr RTOS. Zephyr is essentially a kernel but compare to other RTOS it has got other software running on its code, like drivers for sensors, logs output and even a shell subsystem.

Besides providing a quick proof of concept, our out-of-box demo software are a good starting point for your own IoT cloud application.
The out-of-box software comes directly with output UART logs that provides immediate information on what is going on in the background.

Within a UART log window open via e.g a terminal software like Putty, it is possible to access a shell command line interface by simply pushing "Tab" on your keyboard as follows :

User-added image

This allows to quickly show or set up multiple different parameters and can be useful for development purposes.