Drivers for the BRBLU03 did not install when inserted into my PC, where are the drivers located?

If you are working with a Windows PC which has a Native Bluetooth Adapter it must be disabled prior to inserting the BRBLU03 dongle, as Windows will only support one Bluetooth Adapter. You will need to remove the BRBLU03 dongle from the PC and disable the Native BT adapter prior to reinserting the BRBLU03 dongle.

Locate the Native adapter in Device Manager and right click on it - then select disable.

Then reinsert the dongle. The BRBLU03 dongle should automatically install the drivers via Windows Updates when it is inserted into the PC. It should install as "TDK Bluetooth Adapter".

If the driver does not automatically install, it is possible there is a firewall or other security reason that is preventing the PC from installing the driver. Another reason could be the PC does not have access to the internet when attempting to retrieve the driver. Since the driver is not something we developed ourselves, we don't have a driver we can provide.  If the driver does not automatically install you may need to search for a downloadable driver online using a search for "TDK Bluetooth Adapter". 

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