Is connecting to a module required for XComplining smartBASIC code?

 A connection to a module in UwTerminal is not required to XCompile a smartBASIC app.   To XCompile without a UwTerminal connection:   Copy the relevant version of Xcomplier to the folder that contains your smartBASIC application. The XCompiler will be located in the firmware download folder found on your specific products product page. It is important you use the XCompiler file from the firmware version you are using on the module the app will be running on. In this example our xcompiler is called  xcomp_bl652_1234_5678.exe and your smartBASIC app is called   Next, open a command prompt window in that folder and issue the command: xcomp_bl652_1234_5678.exe You will see a file called LairdRocks.uwc being created which is what gets downloaded to the module when using UwTerminal.