Can I combine different sensor types on the BT610 ?

The answer to this question will depend on the chosen BT610 firmware options. When you opt for the BT610 you have a bunch of different choice :

- Make use of BT610 default Legacy Firmware developed by us (not recommended for new design).

- Leverage our value added Canvas Sensor Firmware as starting point for your development to make it fit your specific application.  

- Develop your own firmware from scratch from the BT610 Zephyr board.

As you go down the list you'll get more flexibility. 

Our BT610 Legacy Firmware include a panel of different preconfigured probes like Thermistors, AC Current, Ultrasonic and Pressure sensors. Unfortunately it is not possible to combine different sensor types as it is with the default Legacy Firmware.

Developing your own firmware via the Canvas Sensor Firmware or the BT610 Zephyr page will always allow you more flexibility in probe choice, configuration and association.

It's important to keep in mind that BT610 is running on a single battery and is intended to run for years before replacing it. Customers need to take into consideration power supply constraints when opting for a given probes settings.