Can HID and SPP profiles be used simultaneously on the BT900 via smartBASIC?

It is entirely possible to create a Bluetooth connection with HID and SPP at the same time. However, something to note is that you will need a way to display the connection to the host device.  The simplest way to make this possible would be to implement a protocol in smartBASIC which would take the UART commands to switch between each way the data is sent out. For example, you could use the command 'SPP>DATA' and send the data to SPP. If you were to use HID Keyboard Mode, the command "HID>DATA" would send the data as key presses to the HID device. This could all be done via one interface (UART, SPI, I2C) as opposed to using two separate interfaces for each connection. You would just need to multiplex onto the UART.

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