Can the EWB external SPI be programmed seperately?

The external SPI of the Sterling-EWB can be programmed on the DVK using Segger Jflash-SPI.

Use Pinout SPI 20-pin from the Segger site to connect jlink plus to following Sterling-EWB pins.

JLINK Sterling-EWB Sterling-EWB Schematic
pin 1 - VTref J10-1 3v3 MCU
pin 5 - DI J6-9 PA7/MICRO_SPI1_MOSI
pin 7 - nCS J6-5 PA4/MICRO_SPI1_NSS
pin 9 - CLK J6-3 PA5/MICRO_SPI1_SCK
pin 13 - DO J6-7 PA6/MICRO_SPI1_MISO
pin 15 - nRESET J10-15 MICRO_RST_N


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