Sterling-LWB5 Wi-Fi plus Bluetooth Module

802.11ac Wi-Fi + Bluetooth v4.2 Modules and Development Kits

This fully certified solution supports IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac WLAN, BT 2.1+EDR, and BLE 4.2 wireless connectivity and is ideal for products utilizing either a Linux or Android-based microprocessor. 

Sterling-LWB Modules and Development Kits


With three module options, an industrial temperature rating (-40° to +85° C), and an industry-leading breadth of certifications and antenna options, the Sterling-LWB5 gives developers significant flexibility in meeting their design requirements.

  • 802.11ac for high-speed data applications in the 5 GHz band
  • Three configuration options available:
    • SiP Module (10 mm x 10 mm x 1.6 mm)
    • Module with chip antenna (21 mm x 15.5 mm x 2.3 mm)
    • Module with external U.FL antenna port (21 mm x 15.5 mm x 2.3 mm)
  • Antenna and U.FL Module versions are both footprint and pin compatible with Sterling-LWB

Development Kits

Leveraging certified Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module solutions from partners who understand the support needed to get to market quickly can help you get your product up and running faster while avoiding time consuming mistakes and costly redesigns. The Sterling-LWB5 development kit features:

  • SD Card form factor for compatibility with a variety of Microprocessor development platforms, such as NXP/Freescale i.MX6.
  • Full driver support for Linux, along with step-by-step user guides, dramatically simplifies adding a powerful Wi-Fi module to your Linux-based development project.
  • Driver supports the latest Linux version and provides backports to v4.1.15 of the Linux kernel, and has been validated to work with a number of i.mx6 development platforms.
  • 2 development boards options: pre-integrated chip antenna or a U.FL
  • Fully supported by our design services that offers varying levels of support including customization, integration assistance, and full design reviews.


Robust Capabilities Means More Flexibility

Coupling Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology together in one certified solution makes your product all the more accessible to end-users. Both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology are near ubiquitous and driving technologies of the Internet of Things (IoT), so creating a connected product with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth interoperability enables seamless interfacing with the millions of phones and tablets already on the market today.

Deliver Your Wireless Innovations to the Real World

Industrial Automation

Sensor data can provide deep insights needed to maintain energy efficiency and productivity within factories and manufacturing plants. Monitor and control temperatures, energy usage, output, downtime vs. uptime, and other critical metrics.

BL654 Applications - Industrial

Connected Appliances

Securely and remotely take control over household appliances like refrigerators, dish washers, coffer makers and more. Monitor and automatically get notified about food stock levels, energy usage and dishwasher status to create a more productive lifestyle.

BL654 Applications - Appliances

Security Monitoring

The Sterling-LWB5 excels with home security devices like door, window and air-quality sensors.

BL654 Applications - Security

Make Wireless Easier to Deploy

Greater Flexibility to Meet the Challenges of Wireless Design

Wi-Fi + BLE has a lot to offer to developers: Coupling Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology together in one solution makes the end device more efficient and accessible to consumers. Unfortunately, if you have little or no experience programing either technology, the barrier to entry for design can be expensive and lengthen your development time in a landscape where speed to market is key. That’s why developers choose Laird.

We ensure that our customers can maintain focus on the elements of their unique product’s value that will win them customers and drive revenue, freeing them from the headaches of wireless design and certification that can slow down their product development process. Our team understands what it takes to bring winning products to market, providing customers with outstanding documentation resources, development tools, technical support, and extensive product implementation support.

Icon - Flexibility

Extensive Linux and Android Support

Every design is different and comes with its own unique challenges. To save development time and provide the most flexibility, we backport our Linux drivers. Backporting means that customers have the latest bug fixes and feature enhancements no matter which Linux kernel they are running. Our team does the development work to provide a simplified development experience that gives customers more time to focus on other elements of product development.

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Industrial Temp-Rated Hardware

Industrial environments introduce a host of challenges for wireless solutions including extreme temperatures and humidity. Laird’s Sterling-LWB5 can operate in industrial temperatures ranging from -40° to +85° C, ensuring reliable connectivity in harsh operating environments.

Icon - Temperature

On-Site EMC Testing and Certifications

EMC testing and certifications can increase development time and expenses. Our test engineers work with you to ensure that from start to finish, we provide you with the perfect combination of expertise and equipment to bring your wireless concept to market quickly.

Icon - EMC Testing

A Kit with Everything You Need, Nothing You Don’t

Development is fast and easy with a SD card form-factor carrier board for direct plug-in connectivity with virtually any of the most popular microprocessor development platforms. Firmware packages with backport software, extensive online User Guides and other resources accelerate your evaluation and prototyping efforts. Design implementation is straight forward as well, as source CAD files make an outstanding starting point.

  • 1. Sterling LWB5 Development Board
  • 2. Pin Jumper Cables
  • 3. (Optional) 2.4 GHz and 2.4 / 5 GHz FlexPIFA Antennas

3 Steps to Getting Started with your Sterling-LWB5 Kit

  1. Order the Sterling-LWB5 Development Kit from any of our distribution partners
  2. Download our easy-to-follow documentation:
    Sterling-LWB5 Software Integration Guide (Android)
    Sterling-LWB5 Software Integration Guide (Linux Host)

Partner with Laird to Achieve Your IoT Innovation

Laird's proven history of over 20 years as a comprehensive provider of product and services for wireless product development is a guarantee behind every Sterling-LWB5 dev kit, providing ease of mind as well as extensive design support throughout the entirety of your product development efforts. If additional design work is required, LSR's Design Services team, now a part of Laird, can provide additional customization and development for BLE projects.

When your project is nearing the finish line, Laird can also provide EMC testing and certification services to help get your product out the door faster, utilizing our state of the art test chambers and experienced personnel. We are dedicated to supporting your project from the earliest planning phase all the way through release and beyond.