Security Section

Our Linux Board Support Package and Service

Secure & Optimized

802.11ac Wave 2 Wi-Fi
  -  Fast Scanning & Roaming
  -  Optimized EAP Supplicant
  -  Adaptive Worldwide Mode
FIPS 140–2 – HW Accelerated
Firewalld Utility
802.11w MFP
Bluetooth 4.2 (BT5 Ready)
Laird Connection Manager
Laird Web GUI

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Precompiled SDK
Precompiled Toolchain
Development Images
Build your own SDK
Build your own Image
IDE Support
Host Communications API

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User Space

Long Term Support Releases
  -  Annual LTS Major Releases
  -  Biannual LTS Minor Releases
Buildroot Packages
Laird Touchscreen (Qt)
Encrypted File System
Verified Read Only File System
Verified Writable File System

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Linux Kernel

Long Term Support Releases
  -  Annual LTS Major Releases
  -  LTS Point Releases
Signed & Verified Kernel
Kernel Keyring Support
FIPS 140-2 Cryptography w/API
Secure Boot loader (coming soon)
  -  Hardware Root of Trust
  -  Encrypted Boot Image

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Secure Process

Laird Connectivity is focused on delivering security through the entire software image development and provisioning process via the Chain of Trust Architecture. Secure Boot capabilities are supported on Laird’s modules and provisioned during the production process. Software images are signed to ensure software running on the module is from a trusted source. Laird provides a secure manufacturing and image provisioning process to maintain secure images through the production process and to ensure signed software images are available for distribution. Laird’s Web Automated Secure Provisioning (WASP) can be utilized to support over-the-air updates for field units. Laird invests in maintaining security against the latest threats through consistent common vulnerability testing and threat modeling.

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