Today's work and lifestyles require us to communicate anytime, anywhere whether on the move or sitting still. Bluetooth and 802.11 standards make wireless connections to computer networks and other devices possible, while at the same time enabling freedom of movement. Laird's practical and rugged external wireless device antennas are designed to fit into the portable devices used in office, industrial and home environments. The antennas feature flexible elements and many are 1/2 wave coaxial dipole design for reduced ground dependence and improved performance.

Tuf Duck Antenna Family

Tuf Duck


Frequency Range (Min)
2400 Mhz
Frequency Range (Max)
2500 MHz
2:1 max
Antenna Type
Connector Type
TNC male
Gain (max)
1 dBi
Pattern Type
Connector Frequency Range (Min) Frequency Range (Max) Gain (max)
CAF28778 TNC Male 2400 2500 1 dBi
Connector Frequency Range (Min) Frequency Range (Max) Gain (max)
MAF94367 Reverse Polarity TNC Male 2400 2500 1 dBi
Frequency Range (Min) Frequency Range (Max) Connector Gain (max)
WXR2400TN 2400 2500 TNC Male 1 dBi


Name Part Type Last Updated
ANT-DS-WXR 0115.pdf All Datasheet 01-17-19