The SQ Series antennas operate as single band 2300-2500 MHz, or, dual band 2400-2500/4900- 6000 and are omnidirectional squint antennas allowing the customer to install one antenna system and continue to use that one antenna system regardless of the 802.11 mode of operation or frequency band. Your customer can install and use the antenna system for 802.11b or g service today and can continue to use the antenna to support an 802.11a system if they deploy one at some later date. Customers deploying an 802.11b or g system might intend keeping those systems functioning while also deploying an 802.11a system, can deploy some number of them for b/g and at some later date deploy them for 802.11a. They can mix and match as they deploy while maintaining the same aesthetic approach for all of their antennas. Pattern shapes are uniform and symmetrical providing high levels of signal density into defined coverage zones, an important feature for high data rate, high capacity environments such as offices. Standard cable length is 36 inches and the standard connector is the reverse polarity TNC. However other coax length and connector alternatives are available as well.


Antenna Type
Indoor & Outdoor Antennas
Connector Type
SMA male
Frequency Range (Max)
Frequency Range (Min)
Beamwidth E-Plane 56ºAzimuth Beamwidth OmnidirectionalPigtail (in.) 12Enclosure UB Stable / ASAWeight (Antenna Only) lb (kg) 0.26 (0.11)
Pattern Type
Frequency Range (Max) Frequency Range (Min)
SQ2403PV12NF 5875 1710
Receive Sensitivity Frequency Range (Max) Frequency Range (Min)
SQ2303P Omnidirectional 2500 1710
Dimension (Height - mm) Dimension (Length - mm) Dimension (Width - mm) Polarization Frequency Weight Pattern Type Mounting Style Antenna Type Antenna Connector Type No. of Ports
SQ2405DD12NF 32 mm 155 mm 155 mm Vertical 2400 - 2500 MHz 0.6 lbs (0.27 kg) [with 12" cable] Directional Ceiling Indoor & Outdoor Antennas Type N female 1
Antenna Type
SQ2303P12NF Indoor & Outdoor Antennas
Frequency Range (Max) Frequency Range (Min)
SQ24493P 6000 2400
Polarization Frequency Pattern Type Antenna Type Antenna Connector Type No. of Ports
SQ2449PV Vertical 2400/6000 MHz Omnidirectional Indoor & Outdoor Antennas RP SMA male 1
Frequency Range (Max) Frequency Range (Min)
SQ2403PV 5875 1710
Frequency Range (Min)
SQ2403PG 1710

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ANT-DS-SQ2403 0715.pdf SQ2403PV12NF Datasheet 01-17-19
ANT-DS-SQ2403 0715.pdf SQ2403PV Datasheet 01-17-19
ANT-DS-SQ24493P-antenna-patterns-E-plane-2.4ghz.png SQ24493P Technical Drawings 01-17-19
ANT-DS SQ2403PG-1113.pdf SQ2403PG Datasheet 02-04-19
ANT-DS-SQ2403PV-antenna-patterns.png SQ2403PV12NF Technical Drawings 01-17-19
ANT-DS-SQ2403PV-antenna-patterns.png SQ2403PV Technical Drawings 01-17-19
ANT-DS-SQ24493P-antenna-patterns-E-plane-5.5ghz.png SQ24493P Technical Drawings 01-17-19
ANT-DS-SQ2403 0715.pdf SQ2403PG Datasheet 01-17-19
ANT-DS-SQ2303P-0115.pdf SQ2303P Datasheet 01-17-19
ANT-DS-SQ2403 0715.pdf SQ2403PTA12NF Datasheet 01-17-19
ANT-DS-SQ24493P-antenna-patterns-H-plane-2.4ghz.png SQ24493P Technical Drawings 01-17-19
ANT-DS-SQ2403PG-antenna-patterns.png SQ2403PG Technical Drawings 01-17-19
ANT-DS-SQ2405DD12NF 0915.pdf SQ2405DD12NF Datasheet 01-17-19
ANT-DS-SQ24493P-antenna-patterns-H-plane-5.5ghz.png SQ24493P Technical Drawings 01-17-19
ANT-DS-SQ24493P 0317.pdf SQ2449PV Datasheet 01-17-19
ANT-DS-SQ24493P 0317.pdf SQ24493P Datasheet 01-17-19
ANT-DS-SQ2403PG 0509.pdf SQ2403PG Datasheet 01-17-19