FlexMIMO Dual-Band MIMO Internal Antenna


The world’s first Flexible PIFA antenna for Wi-Fi MIMO applications (patent pending). The FlexPIFA MIMO is specifically designed for 802.11 a/b/g/n as well as 802.11ac Wi-Fi modules that use MIMO or Wi-Fi Diversity. The flexible PIFA design provides for consistent performance across a broad array of enclosures and enables adhering the antenna to flat and curved surfaces. The FlexPIFA MIMO drastically simplifies the size, cost and technical requirements for implementing the two antennas required for 802.11 MIMO radio applications as the proper orientation and spacing between the two integrated antenna elements is already optimized for MIMO radio performance, giving you the best possible range and throughput.


Frequency Range (Max)
5900 MHz
Frequency Range (Min)
2400 MHz
3 dBi
Antenna Type
Planar Inverted-F Antenna (PIFA)
Dimension (Height - mm)
4.44 mm
Dimension (Length - mm)
33.25 mm
Dimension (Width - mm)
33.25 mm
Frequency Range 2 (Max)
5900 MHz
Frequency Range 2 (Min)
4900 MHz
Max Power (Watts)
10 W
Linear H/V for each radiator
Antenna Type Environment Frequency Range (Min) Frequency Range (Max) Gain (min) Gain (max) Connector Pattern Type Cable Length (cm) Frequency Range 2 (Min) Frequency Range 2 (Max) Wi-Fi Ports
EFD2455A3S-10MHF1 Internal/Embedded Internal/Embedded 2400 MHz 2480 MHz 2.5 dBi 3.5 dBi MHF1 R/A Plug (U.FL compatible) Omnidirectional 10 cm 4900 MHz 5900 MHz 2


Name Part Type Last Updated
ANT-DS-FlexMIMO All Datasheet 02/08/2021