The NLOS series horizontally polarized sector antenna systems offered by Laird are constructed of a heavy duty aluminum extrusion and then powder coat painted for extremely long service life. The super heavy duty mounting system will insure a stable installation in high wind conditions. The antennas are horizontally polarized so that interference can be minimized in the wireless system.


Frequency Range (Min)
Peak Gain
16 dBi & 17 dBi
Frequency Range (Min) Frequency Range (Max)
SAH58-120-16-WB 5400 MHz 5850 MHz
Frequency Range (Min) Frequency Range (Max)
SAH58-90-17-WB 5470 MHz 5850 MHz


Name Part Type Last Updated
ANT-DS-SAH58-WB 0616.pdf All Datasheet 01-17-19