The S24493TS is a dual-band three-element omni-directional antenna for use in 802.11n MIMO applications. Housed in a compact, low-profile PVC/acrylic radome, the antenna can be mounted to a variety of drop-ceiling grids using the integrated spring clips. It can also be mounted to a flush surface via the four mounting holes. Each of the three MIMO antenna elements is connected to the WLAN access point via a low loss, plenum-rated coax pigtail.

Frequency Range (Max) Frequency Range (Min)
S24493TS36RNF 5000 2400

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Name Part Type Last Updated
ANT-DS-S24493TS 1119 All Datasheet 11-11-19
ANT-DS-S24493D-0715.pdf S24493TS36RNF Datasheet 01-17-19
ANT-DS-S24493TS-antenna-pattern-E-plane-2.5ghz.png S24493TS36RNF Technical Drawings 01-17-19
ANT-DS-S24493TS-antenna-pattern-E-plane-5.47ghz.png S24493TS36RNF Technical Drawings 01-17-19
ANT-DS-S24493TS-antenna-pattern-H-plane-2.5ghz.png S24493TS36RNF Technical Drawings 01-17-19
ANT-DS-S24493TS-antenna-pattern-H-plane-5.47ghz.png S24493TS36RNF Technical Drawings 01-17-19