Trigger - 4 and 5-Port Under-Dash Antenna Family

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The Trigger family of four-port or five-port under-dash antennas is designed for discrete or covert mounting underneath vehicle dashboards. Traditionally these environments can provide both RF complexities as well as space issues. The unique L-shape of Laird Connectivity's Trigger antennas allows for mounting alongside or over bulky objects such as ventilation ducts. Incorporation of both vertical and horizontal elements also provides superior coverage of Cellular, Wi-Fi and GNSS when compared to traditional solutions.

Trigger antennas offer coverage of 3G/4G/5G/ISM/CBRS cellular, Wi-Fi, and GNSS frequencies in a single unique format and will be available in the following options:

  • Four-Port - 2x Cellular, 1x Wi-Fi, 1x GNSS Ports
  • Five-Port - 2x Cellular, 2x Wi-Fi, 1x GNSS Ports

Read the Trigger product brief to find out more.

The Trigger family of antennas are ideally suited to vehicular and IoT applications and are ideal for applications such as:

  • Transportation
  • Public Safety 
  • Fleet Operators
  • Vehicle and Asset Tracking
  • In-Vehicle and To-Vehicle Communications

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Trigger Antenna Shown Over a Vent Duct

360° VR


Dimension (Length - mm)
132.3 mm
Dimension (Width - mm)
59.3 mm
Dimension (Length - mm)
123.4 mm
Wireless Specification
Cellular, Wi-Fi, GNSS
Mounting Style
Covert Under-Dash (Ventilation Duct)
Connector Type
SMA-Male (Cellular/GNSS)
RPSMA-Male (Wi-Fi)
Frequency Range (Max)
960 MHz
Frequency Range (Min)
698 MHz
Frequency Range 2 (Max)
2700 MHz
Frequency Range 2 (Min)
1710 MHz
Frequency Range 3 (Max)
2500 MHz
Frequency Range 3 (Min)
2400 MHz
Frequency Range 4 (Max)
5900 MHz
Frequency Range 4 (Min)
4900 MHz
Frequency Range 5 (Max)
1606 MHz
Frequency Range 5 (Min)
1559 MHz
Gain (max)
5 (dBi, Cellular/Wi-Fi)
32 (dBic, GNSS) dBi
No. of Ports
4-Port (2x Cellular, 1x Wi-Fi, 1x GNSS)
5-Port (2x Cellular, 2x Wi-Fi, 1x GNSS)
Operating Temp (Max) (°C)
+85 °C
Operating Temp (Min) (°C)
-40 °C
Linear (Cellular/Wi-Fi)
VSWR - Max


Name Part Type Last Updated
Product Brief - Trigger Antenna Family (PRELIMINARY) All Product Brief 07/09/2021