The omni-directional antenna systems offered by Laird Connectivity are constructed of UV-stable fiberglass with all stainless steel brackets standard. They come standard with type N female bulkhead connectors with extra heavy duty nuts for optional standoff type mounting. The 7dBi has a 5 deg electrical downtilt standard which is perfect for close-in wireless systems such as apartment complexes. Because of their unique high performance design which eliminates nulls, they can be used in a wide variety of wireless systems.

Additional Description Connector Type
OD9-5 5 dBi Slimline NLOS Series 900 MHz Omni Antenna N-Female bulkhead connector
Additional Description Connector Type
OD9-11D1 11 dBi 1° elec downtilt NLOS series 900 MHz omni antenna N-Female
Cable Length (cm) Connector Type
OD9-6 45.72 cm N-Female
Cable Length (cm) Connector Type
OD9-8 45.72 cm N-Female

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Name Part Type Last Updated
Datasheet-OD9 1218 All Datasheet 01-17-19
ANT-DS-OD9 1015.pdf OD9-11D1 Datasheet 01-17-19
ANT-DS-OD9-diagram-OD9-11D1.png OD9-11D1 Technical Drawings 01-17-19
ANT-DS-OD9-diagram-OD9-5.png OD9-11D1 Technical Drawings 01-17-19
ANT-DS-OD9-diagram-OD9-6.png OD9-11D1 Technical Drawings 01-17-19
ANT-DS-OD9-diagram-OD9-8.png OD9-11D1 Technical Drawings 01-17-19
ANT-DS-OD9 1015.pdf OD9-6 Datasheet 01-17-19
ANT-DS-OD9 1015.pdf OD9-8 Datasheet 01-17-19
ANT-DS-OD9-diagram-OD9-11D1.png OD9-8 Technical Drawings 01-17-19
ANT-DS-OD9-diagram-OD9-8.png OD9-8 Technical Drawings 01-17-19