5G Phantom - Low-Profile Cellular Antennas

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The 5G Phantom series of on-ground plane and off-ground plane antennas cover either 617-7125 or 698-7125 MHz, delivering global cellular coverage even for regions where the lower 600MHz band is required. They offer high levels of average efficiency, over 80% up to 4200 MHz, with gain up to 5.5 dBi in an IP67 and UL 94 flammability rated compact form factor.

A direct-mount, threaded stud, with superior quality and integrated N-female connector provides tamper-resistant installation. The direct coaxial connection ensures performance remains consistent, even at the higher frequencies, avoiding the performance losses of other mounting methods.

  • Based on our popular Phantom series – Our highly-popular Phantom antennas are widely used in applications such as vehicular, public safety, and IoT installations
  • Global cellular coverage – Available in 617-7125 MHz and 698-7125 MHz variants
  • Optimized – Optimal gain directed at just above the horizon for superior connectivity with exceptional efficiency levels
  • Connectivity where you need it – Uniform azimuth patterns reduce the chance of signal drop outs
  • Rugged, robust construction – Tamper-resistant and highly durable with IP67-rated enclosure and UL 94 flammability rating
  • Guaranteed – Backed by our industry-leading 5-year warranty.

The first variants released to market will be the on-ground plane series including 617-7125 MHz and 698-7125 MHz versions, available in black or white. The off-ground plane versions will be available later in Q4 2021.

Read the on-ground series product brief to find out more.

5G Phantom Bands

360° VR


Antenna Type
617-7125 MHz
698-7125 MHz
Up to 5.5
Type N Female
96 x 45-32 mm (617-7125 MHz)
84 x 45-32 mm (698-7125 MHz)
Operating Temp (Max) (°C)
+85 °C
Operating Temp (Min) (°C)
-40 °C
Max 1.5:1


Name Part Type Last Updated
Product Brief - Preliminary - Phantom 5G Phantom On Ground Plane All Product Brief 07/21/2021


For the On-Ground antenna, how big does the ground plane need to be?

The antennas will work on any ground plane but we recommend an area of at least 2 feet around the center.

Can the 5G Phantom be used outside?

Yes, they are IP67 and UL94 flammability rated and suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments.

Is there a difference in size between the 617 and 698 MHz models of the 5G Phantom?

Yes, the 617 MHz models are approximately 10% taller due to the increased wavelength.

How close to each other can 5G Phantoms be sited?

Although interference is minimal, we would recommend no closer than 1 feet apart.

Is there an NMO mount version of the 5G Phantom?

Not currently. We recommend using the direct mount with integrated N-connector which avoids RF losses at high frequencies due to its impedance matching coaxial interface.

Why is a No-Ground plane antenna important?

When mounting on areas with with a small metal or non-metal surface, an antenna that is designed for on-metal/on-ground may shift frequency, resulting in poor/zero signal transmission. No-ground plane versions solve this issue.