The SL Series Antennas operate within 806-2500 MHz and are designed to provide pattern coverage that is optimized for indoor coverage requirement, for the GSM, DCS, and UMTS frequency bands.  The pattern is also very uniform and symmetrical, providing systems integrators with the ability to precisely determine cell size, a major benefit in trying to determine cell density and cell overlap for in-building systems.

The antenna’s low-profile radome features both a very small footprint and a slim silhouette and is perfect for office and retail spaces where a premium is placed on being aesthetically complimentary and unobtrusive to the existing environment. The standard antenna comes with an integrated plenum rated coax pigtail terminated in various connectors as desired.


Frequency Range (Max)
Frequency Range (Min)
Receive Sensitivity Frequency Range (Max) Frequency Range (Min)
SL8025WP36NM Omnidirectional 2500 806
Frequency Range (Max) Frequency Range (Min) Receive Sensitivity
SL8244P12NF 896 824 Omnidirectional
Receive Sensitivity Frequency Range (Max) Frequency Range (Min)
SL8025WP Omnidirectional 2500 806

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Name Part Type Last Updated
Datasheet-SL69273PTL 1218 All Datasheet 01-17-19
ANT-DS-SL8025WP 1115.pdf SL8025WP36NM Datasheet 01-17-19
ANT-DS SL8244P12NF-1115.pdf SL8244P12NF Datasheet 02-04-19
ANT-DS-SL8025WP 1115.pdf SL8025WP Datasheet 01-17-19