The LP series antennas from Laird Connectivity are ultra-wideband log periodic antennas which cover a very wide frequency range. Because it covers both cellular and WLAN worldwide frequencies, this antenna is extremely useful for CPE equipment and base station equipment needed for these frequency bands, minimizing the amount of equipment needed for each service location. The LP series can be used indoors or outdoors. It comes complete with all components needed for pole mounting or wall mounting. The sealed housing is UV stabilized ABS plastic. The backplate is stainless steel with stainless steel fasteners. All bracket components are stainless steel for corrosion protection. The pigtail is 18-inch outdoor rated cable terminated with an N-female connector standard. Other connector/cable configurations available upon request.

  • Covers both cellular and WLAN frequencies
  • Consistent 9 dBi gain across all frequencies
  • Pole mount or wall mount
  • Light gray attractive UV protected housing
  • Vertical or horizontal polarization
  • DC grounded for lightning protection


806-960 MHz
1710-2500 MHz
VSWR - Avg
Azimuth 3 dB Beamwidth
90° @ 806-960 MHz
75° @ 1710-2500 MHz
Impedance (Ohms)
50 Ω
Pole or Wall Mount
Vertical or Horizontal
Antenna Type Environment Frequency Range (Min) Frequency Range (Max) Frequency Range 2 (Min) Frequency Range 2 (Max) Gain (min) Gain (max) Connector Pattern Type Cable Length (cm)
LP800-2500-9-NF Yagi/Log Periodic Outdoor 806 MHz 960 MHz 1710 MHz 2500 MHz 9 dBi 9 dBi Type N Female Directional 45.72 cm

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Datasheet - LP800-2500-9-NF All Datasheet 09/14/2021