The PAV Series Antenna operates within 698-960 / 1710-2700 MHz and is a multiband, high directional panel antenna with vertical polarization capable of operating in LTE700, Cellular, PCS, AWS, MDS and global GSM900,GSM1800, UMTS and LTE2600 bands.  Models exist for outdoor and indoor use cases as well as Low PIM and non-PIM models are available.

The radiation patterns are symmetrical, providing high level signal density into defined coverage zones. This antenna will greatly enhance the performance of LTE systems and is ideal for indoor or outdoor applications. The antenna includes a wall mounting bracket, anchors and bolts. The antenna can also be mast mounted with bracket adapter and clamps.

700 MHz First Responder Network (FirstNet) Band Ready


Antenna Type
Indoor & Outdoor Antennas
698?960 MHz/1710?2700
Pattern Type
Peak Gain
8 dBi
Typical Antenna Gain (dBi)
Polarization Compliance Frequency Weight Pattern Type Antenna Type Antenna Connector Type No. of Ports
PAV69278I Vertical RoHS 698?960 /1710?2700 .62 (1.35) Directional Indoor & Outdoor Antennas Type N female 1
Frequency Antenna Type
PAV69278O 698?960 MHz/1710?2700 MHz Indoor & Outdoor Antennas
Polarization Compliance Frequency Pattern Type Antenna Type Antenna Connector Type No. of Ports
PAV69278PI Vertical RoHS 698-960 /1710-2700 Directional Indoor & Outdoor Antennas Type N female 1
Antenna Type
PAV69278PO Indoor & Outdoor Antennas

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Name Part Type Last Updated
Datasheet-PAV69278O 1218 All Datasheet 01-17-19
Datasheet-PAV69278PI 0219 All Datasheet 02-11-19
Datasheet-PAV69278I 1218 All Datasheet 01-17-19
ANT-DS-PAV69278I 1214.pdf PAV69278I Datasheet 02-04-19
Datasheet-PAV69278O 1218 PAV69278O Datasheet 01-17-19
ANT-DS-PAV69278PI 060217.pdf PAV69278PI Datasheet 02-04-19
ANT-DS-PAV69278PO 012516 (3).pdf PAV69278PO Datasheet 01-17-19