Confronting The Antenna Challenges In Today’s Military Applications

Tue, 10/02/2018 - 09:21

Microwave components like antennas, filters, amplifiers and mixers are building blocks which are utilized in many existing defense weapons and Department of Defense (DoD) systems. While high-tech research and development programs for the DoD may have slowed of late, these components are continuing to find new life as the military re-tools its missions and objectives to better fight the “war on terror.” Emerging applications in communications, monitoring and screening will all be built on the backs of microwave components. For the antenna, in particular, that demand poses a number of significant challenges. Only a decade ago, specific band antennas met the needs of most communications, electronic warfare (EW) and surveillance applications. These days though, with new and emerging transceiver technologies as well as military applications, antenna engineers are now being confronted with increasingly difficult concerns regarding directionality, frequency variations, isolation, and testing. In many case, use of microwave absorbers and dielectric materials can offer today’s antenna engineers the solutions they need to quickly and cost-effectively address these challenges.