Building a Bridge to Next-Gen Fleet Connectivity

Wed, 01/22/2020 - 11:12

A Practical Checklist of Best Practices for Upgrading Fleet Antenna Systems

The Golden Gate Bridge is a huge structure, and the job of maintaining its instantly recognizable orange vermillion color is equally enormous. Painting it is quite literally a neverending job. There’s no moment when the maintenance team is able to step back from its work and declare it complete. The massive bridge is painted and maintained continuously in a never-ending cycle to keep the bridge functional, protected and ready to continue playing its vital role connecting one of America’s largest metro areas.

That never-ending cycle has some clear parallels to the way vehicle fleets are essentially in a continuous cycle of wireless upgrades. These upgrades will always be necessary to keep pace with the evolution of technology and with end user needs, but this continuous process doesn’t need to be arduous or inefficient. There are a number of best practices that will make the next wave of wireless upgrades more efficient, less expensive and less risky for the vehicle fleets you are responsible for. The purpose of this document is to share a number of best practices that the Laird Connectivity team has identified through its extensive work with customers in the fleet management industry – providing a practical checklist for your next projects.

Download the Guide to learn more about:

  • How to simplify the wireless upgrade process for vehicle fleets
  • How a multi-band/multi-port antenna can greatly reduce the quantity of drilled holes in vehicle exteriors
  • Pre-testing and Pre-certification of multi-band solutions and how they can accelerate deployments