Designing for Success: The Engineer’s Approach to Antenna Selection and Implementation

Fri, 03/29/2019 - 15:43

The antenna is at the heart of an RF product’s real-world performance. In this presentation, antenna design experts from LSR will walk through a number of practical tips and best practices to keep in mind when selecting and implementing an antenna solution into your next design, including:

  1. Defining Antenna Requirements - What performance should one expect from their antenna? LSR will discuss typical antenna requirements to use as a baseline for your product development.
  2. Deciphering Antenna Datasheets - As is common within engineering, not all component datasheets are created equal. With antennas, manufacturers use a variety of tactics in their datasheets to present their antenna in the best light. LSR will discuss antenna datasheets and highlight the key parameters to look for and cut through the extraneous or misleading information.
  3. A Typical Antenna Design and Evaluation Process - For chip/off-the-shelf and custom wireless designs, the antenna should be fully evaluated to guarantee it will provide the necessary range. LSR’s antenna engineers will discuss common simulation, prototype, and over-the-air evaluation techniques that we use on our product designs.