Episode 15: Unboxing the BL654PA Development Kit

Fri, 05/08/2020 - 13:57

The BL654PA is our flagship BL654 Bluetooth 5.1 module with an additional Skyworks power amplifier, which adds an additional +10 dBm of output power for a total of +18 dBm. It's based on the Nordic nrf52840 silicon with a Cortex M4F MCU (1 Mbit Flash, 256 Kb RAM), and offers flexible development options via our smartBASIC, AT Commands, and the Nordic SDK.

Our Director of Field Application Engineering & Support, Bob Monroe, walks through the specs and features of the BL654PA, and the box contents of the BL654PA development kit.

For more on the BL654PA, visit our website at: https://www.lairdconnect.com/BL654PA