Laird Antennas Capture International Attention From Media and Airline Passengers

Tue, 06/02/2015 - 01:00

Global publisher, Diplay Plus, released a post in Korea saying that Laird antennas are improving the passenger experience at the Taoyuan International Airport in Taiwan. 

The article talks about how Laird antennas create a more reliable signal for the 15 million passengers every year utilizing 4G/ LTE communications as they travel through the airport. 

It also quotes Senior Vice President of Infrastructure Antenna Solutions for Laird, Monty Rohde as stating, "Multi-port functionality means fewer antennas are needed to provide excellent coverage and throughput because of their ability to transmit and receive cellular and data signals at the same time from a single, low-profile design. This improves the ease of installation while the low profile design blends into the architecture of the building to be more visually appealing.” 

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