A Farther Reaching Connected IoT for Enterprise Applications

Published on March 29, 2016

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A Farther Reaching Connected IoT for Enterprise Applications

Integrated LoRa® + Bluetooth® Smart certified module from Laird enables low energy connectivity over miles, saving time and money while preventing downtime and improving safety

Global technology leader Laird (LRD: London) announces today it has created a new Enterprise Internet of Things (EIoT) module series. It is the first commercially available solution that integrates both LoRa and Bluetooth Smart (often referred to as BLE) connectivity within a single module solution, allowing longer-range EIoT systems through these complementary protocols.

“With the RM1xx, the Enterprise Internet of Things is more connected than ever before,” explains Senior Vice President of Laird’s Connectivity Solutions, Scott Lordo. “Typical Bluetooth solutions can only communicate to devices within a few meters. This unique solution marries the benefits of LoRa and Bluetooth Smart to provide an ultra-low power solution for EIoT systems that spans miles, not meters.”

The RM1xx product family from Laird is able to collect and send data from either hardwired sensors or Bluetooth Smart devices over LoRa to gateways as far as 10 miles away. In an industrial setting, for example, the RM1xx can monitor sensors on water, fuel, and chemical tanks throughout a facility via wireless BLE technology or any traditional I/O connections. It can then aggregate and relay that information back to a central server alerting plant managers to dangerous tank levels before an outage or catastrophe occurs. BLE sensors consume very little energy, so each tank sensor can last for years on a single coin cell battery, saving the management company time and money replacing batteries.

Lordo adds, “There are literally hundreds of applications where the RM1xx series can supply real-time data on its own or from multiple BLE sources to a central aggregator located miles away. The versatility, longevity, and significant communication range make this ideal for Agricultural, Industrial, and Utility applications where battery-powered assets in remote or hard-to-reach locations need to be monitored or tracked.”

The RM1xx also features Laird’s field proven, event driven smartBASIC programming language. The smartBASIC language significantly reduces OEM development risk, and speeds time to market because it enables automated, event driven applications.

Product samples and development kits for the RM1xx family are planned to be available by end of May 2016.  Laird will begin working with select customers immediately to successfully design the RM1xx into their product applications.   

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