Social Distancing with Extreme Precision: Lopos SafeDistance Uses Ultra-Wideband to Protect Workers from COVID-19

Thu, 05/13/2021 - 09:25

A Worldwide Problem with a Unique Technical Solution

In every environment around the world where people work, shop, learn, and congregate, the concern this year is the same: how to help people go where they need to go and do what they need to do without exposing each other to viral transmission of COVID-19. In classrooms, manufacturing floors, shopping centers, and more, there are many strategies that governments and property owners employ to try and minimize viral spread. These strategies are multifaceted, using multiple approaches (face masks, hand sanitizer, limiting building capacity, and more) to help keep people safe in public places.

Almost universally, those strategies include the component of social distancing. The practice of discouraging close proximity between people has shown a strong impact on reducing community spread of airborne diseases. By encouraging a consistent safe distance, there is a lower likelihood of virus transmission via droplets in the air and better health outcomes overall.

However, this relies on people being consistently mindful and deliberate about keeping that distance. Social distancing as a group behavior is vulnerable to human error, especially in busy environments such as manufacturing or bustling stock floors. In these environments or situations, people often make errors in judgment, coming too close to others and exposing themselves to potential danger.

This human error is hard to avoid on a consistent basis. But solutions to this problem, as is often the case, live in the IoT. Lopos, a technology start-up based in Ghent, Belgium, had ambitions to provide the best possible solution to this problem by leveraging their expertise in ultra-wideband technology.