Inside the Black Box: LineMetrics Creates Smart Buildings with Laird Connectivity's Sentrius RS186 Sensors

Mon, 02/22/2021 - 12:30

The Challenge

The Internet of Things means bringing control and intelligence to all areas of our lives, from the personal area to the home, from buildings to whole cities. And as the trend towards increasingly smart cities continues, buildings cover a large amount of that footprint and present real challenges and opportunities.

HVAC systems, utilities, materials storage, and more systems within existing buildings are often “black boxes,” meaning that building system operations are viewed at a high level with no real insight into the inner structure. Most building operators don’t have deep intelligence on level-by-level power usage, room-to-room temperature, occupancy, or real-time status on building equipment like elevators and refrigeration units.

In particular, temperature and humidity information can have big consequences for materials and for people in buildings. For products that must be stored at certain temperatures and humidity levels – such as food and pharmaceuticals – it’s necessary to closely monitor and maintain these environmental levels for the sake of both compliance and safety. In addition, because a work environment greatly influences the well-being of the people who work there, optimal temperatures are also critical for worker efficiency and productivity.

The European-based company LineMetrics works with companies and organizations to retrofit these already-established buildings into smart buildings that are capable of environmental monitoring and data collection. The company saw that most solutions to this problem in the marketplace were too costly, difficult, or required significant expertise. They were also difficult to analyze, leading to severe operating inefficiencies. LineMetrics wanted to identify the equipment and technologies that would provide reliable, easy-to-integrate environmental sensing for buildings, and bring that data into their top-tier cloud analysis system.