Phantom 5G Antennas - Infographic

Wed, 07/28/2021 - 13:30

The 5G Phantom series of on-ground plane and off-ground plane antennas cover either 617-7125 or 698-7125 MHz, delivering global cellular coverage even for regions where the lower 600MHz band is required. They offer high levels of average efficiency, over 80% up to 4200 MHz, with gain up to 5.5 dBi in an IP67 and UL 94 flammability rated compact form factor.

A direct-mount, threaded stud, with superior quality and integrated N-female connector provides tamper-resistant installation. The direct coaxial connection ensures performance remains consistent, even at the higher frequencies, avoiding the performance losses of other mounting methods.

See this brochure to learn about our 5G Phantom Antennas key features, what's included, and frequency coverage, as well as frequently asked questions.