Top 3 Reasons to Prep your IoT applications with our MIMO Phantom Antennas

Mon, 05/18/2020 - 10:15

More and more devices are going mobile, making strong MIMO support a necessity for high performance IoT applications. And in IoT as well as vehicular-mounted designs, that means bringing more devices and higher bandwidth requirements to a system that may also be on the move. That’s why Laird Connectivity is proud to introduce the MIMO Phantom antenna to bring top-notch coverage and performance to your installations. The MTRA61274Cx2 antennas are an excellent addition to new designs, or as a replacement for existing SISO phantom antennas. They’re engineered for high reliability and support 2x2 MIMO for better throughput.

As IoT applications increase in complexity, it is important to pair the radio systems with an appropriate antenna. If your requirements include high data rates, robust connections, or multiple IoT technologies, the MIMO Phantom is the right choice to service all your needs. 

The MTRA61274Cx2 antennas are also multi-protocol to support multiple applications with one antenna. They support high quality 2G, 3G, 4G, BT, ISM 868, ISM 900, SIGFOX, LoRaWAN, and unlicensed 2.4 GHz band. The MIMO phantom series antennas allow you to service multiple applications with a single antenna, simplifying your design and reducing your costs.

Here are the top three reasons to select the MTRA61274Cx2 for your next fixed or vehicular mounted IoT wireless design:

1: Wide Bandwidth

Many wireless designs require multiple wireless protocols to get the job done. A Mobile Utility Data collection vehicle might need to talk wirelessly to a Bluetooth device in the vehicle while also managing data collection over virtually any IoT protocol. Rather than outfit more antennas, selecting our MIMO Phantom antenna allows you to support more than one wireless protocol at a time.

2:  Optimized Radiation Patterns.

Your IoT devices are often mobile, and as a result, there’s no planning for their specific location and orientation. The right solution is always going to be one that provides robust omnidirectional coverage without weak spots or dead zones and ensures high MIMO performance through port balance. Our MIMO Phantom antennas provide a high-quality signal in all directions to keep you connected, while ensuring each port performs efficiently and comparably for highest data rates. For information on radiation patterns, see our datasheet on the MTRA61274Cx2 product page.

3: IP67 Rated for Durability

A quality vehicular antenna must stand up to the elements. Exposure to wind, rain, and other environmental factors can be disruptive to any electronics. IoT equipment can often be exposed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our MTRA61274Cx2 is IP67 rated, dust tight, and immersion protected to keep your wireless fully-operational in tough operational conditions.

Getting Ready for IoT

There’s never been a better time to prepare your wireless systems for IoT. Laird Connectivity’s MIMO Phantom antennas are ideal for either upgrading or newly installing multi-protocol wireless connectivity. Quality construction and engineering come together to form an attractive, high-performance option that prepares your design for the future.

Visit our MIMO Phantom Series page for datasheets, specifications, and more.