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Mon, 02/14/2022 - 14:33

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Laird Connectivity is a silver member of the Zephyr Project, the RTOS for embedded devices from the Linux Foundation. Our membership, software contributions, and support for Zephyr across many of our microcontroller products is a testament to Laird Connectivity’s dedication to providing our customers with the most design flexibility. And our support of Zephyr is an investment in the RTOS of the future of IoT, a secure, open source, stable platform for resource-constrained applications.

The Zephyr Foundation now provides a quarterly newsletter for members and developers, which contains the latest updates on the Zephyr Foundation and the Zephyr RTOS. Released since Q3 of 2021, the Zephyr newsletter contains information on new members, events, presentations, software releases, and much more.

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