Now Available: BT710 for Contact Tracing and Social Distancing Applications

Thu, 12/10/2020 - 22:24

A low-cost and simple tracer for automated contact tracing for today's COVID-19 challenges. 

As the world shifts to opening more workplaces and schools amid the COVID-19 pandemic, contact tracing and social distancing tools are needed now more than ever. The Sentrius™ BT710 Tracer from Laird Connectivity is a wearable solution that eliminates human error, protects privacy, and keeps users safe.

The Sentrius BT710 Tracer is a long-range Bluetooth 5 IoT wearable for contact tracing and social distancing applications. The BT710 is ideal for multiple environments including schools, office settings, and industrial factories or warehouses. With 4x LEDs, vibration (on some models), and beeper alerts, the BT710 helps users practice safe distancing, aligned with guidance from local health authorities. The BT710 also logs interactions with other users for reliable and automated contact tracing.

Stand-out features include: 

  • Multiple user alerts
    • Four highly visible LED indicators
    • Animated visibility/flasher
    • Integrated vibration with variable patterns
    • Integrated alarm/beeper
  • Multiple mounting options
    • Wristband
    • Clip
    • Pendant/tag/lanyard
    • Hard hat adapter
  • Bluetooth 5 Long Range
  • FCC, ISED, CE certified
  • Replaceable coin cell battery
  • Customizable with our product development services

Visit out BT710 webpage to learn more.