New Laird Infographic on Understanding the Enterprise IoT

Tue, 03/03/2015 - 08:00

Laird presents a new infographic, Understanding the Enterprise Internet of Things, defining the IoT phenomenon and comparing it to the Enterprise Internet of Things, or EIoT. There are several unique requirements for the enterprise environment in IoT which include security and authentication, interoperability, and scalability. But to understand the Enterprise Internet of Things, it's important to first understand how IoT works. The infographic covers how IoT works, the numbers behind the growing IoT market, and application examples for consumers and the enterprise. Of the total IoT market, nearly 40% of all devices deployed will be enterprise devices. This 40% is part of an exponentially growing number of IoT devices. By 2020 there is predicted to be as many as 23.3 billion devices, compared to just 1.9 billion today.

With any new technology comes new and unique challenges. The infographic outlines some of the challenges enterprises will face in IoT. These include ensuring secure connections with trusted devices and avoiding brute force attacks, addressing and identifying devices by IP, accommodating a high volume of new devices, and scaling to meet the demand for bandwidth.

To learn more about the Enterprise Internet of Things, view the full infographic Understanding the Enterprise Internet of Things.

EIoT Infographic