Laird BL600 Series Seeing Positive Reviews

Published on June 14, 2013

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Laird BL600 Series Seeing Positive Reviews

Screen Capture of the Heart Rate Profile Demonstration

In late April, Laird Technologies announced the release of its first Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)  range of modules, the BL600 Series. The BL600 series modules from Laird Technologies offer a simple way to add single-mode BLE, or Bluetooth Smart™, to small, portable, power-conscious devices. One of the core benefits provided by the BL600 series is Laird’s innovative, event-driven smartBASIC programming language that enables standalone operation of the module and simplifies BLE module integration.

The BL600 series has already received positive reviews since its release. A recent review discusses the core benefits of the BL600 series. The author, Jon Titus, quotes the smartBASIC manual, “We believe that if wireless connectivity is going to be widely accepted, there must be an easier way to manage it. smartBASIC was developed and designed to extend a simple BASIC-like programming language with all of the tokens that control a wireless connection.”

Titus also states, “High-level functions, such as I2CWRITERG16 and UARTREAD, simplify programming and move programmers and circuit designers away from bashing bits and configuring registers for peripherals. Nicely done, Laird.”

In addition, Laird is receiving very encouraging feedback from customers evaluating the BL600 series for their applications. Customer success stories will be made available in the coming quarters.

There are many technical and marketing resources available to anyone who would like to learn more about the BL600 series:

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