Harnessing Mobile Applications for Safety Featured in Tech Page One

Wed, 08/13/2014 - 11:24

Wireless devices help improve production and keep workers safe in hazardous operations.

Laird recently contributed to an article featured in Tech Page One. Titled, “Manufacturers Harness Mobile Technologies for Safety”, the article highlights how wireless devices help improve production and keep workers safe in hazardous operations. Manufacturers are increasingly using mobile technology to boost production line efficiency and worker safety.

The article quotes Scott Lordo, Vice President of Technology, Laird Wireless Systems, Wireless Automation, and Control Solutions (WACS) division at Laird who states, “Mobile technology can be used to alert operators to issues occurring in the process so that corrective action can be taken immediately — limiting the exposure to defective products requiring rework and/or scrap… Mobile technology allows the operator to stay in a safe environment while also being able to move to the best position to see the operation being conducted.”

Author, Michael O’Dwyer not only points out that manufacturers are just beginning to leverage wireless connections in global factories but that the opportunities wireless connections provide are endless. Wireless devices can be used in everything from warehouse control and production processes to after-sales support, field repair and service agreements. However, before implementing wireless technologies companies need to know how the existing operation works and also look at the companies that have successfully implemented the technology.

Lordo says, “I would also recommend that customers should try and identify other companies that have implemented similar capabilities, and conduct a benchmarking session to see what can be learned from their experience.”

The full article can be found on Tech Page One, here.

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