Coming Soon: Bluetooth 5.2 & 802.15.4 Modules for Advanced IoT

Mon, 12/07/2020 - 19:16

The BL5340 delivers the most advanced, most secure, and highest performing dual core MCU wireless solution available. 

The BL5340 is the latest addition to our multi-wireless portfolio. Powered by Nordic Semiconductor’s nRF5340 silicon, this Bluetooth 5.2 module series delivers the most advanced, most secure, and highest performing dual core MCU wireless solution available.

Leveraging user accessible dual core Arm® Cortex M33 microcontrollers, the BL5340 is a true product platform for wireless connectivity. It allows wireless product designers to reduce the inevitable tradeoffs of how to efficiently support a network processor and a powerful performance processor for complex application enablement

Stand-Out Features Include: 

  • Multi-protocol support
    • Bluetooth 5.2
    • 802.15.4 (Thread/Zigbee)
    • NFC
  • Dual Core Cortex M33 processors
  • Module choice:
    • BL5340 modules – nRF5340
    • BL5340 PA modules – nRF5340 + nRF2140 (FEM)
  • Application processor - 128 / 64 MHZ M33 – 1 MB Flash / 512KB RAM
  • Network processor – 64 MHz M33 – 256 KB Flash / 64 KB RAM
  • Widest range of configurable interfaces:
    • QDEC, comparator, low power comparator
  • Enhanced operating temperature (up to 105°C)
  • Advanced security features including trusted execution, root-of-trust, and secure key storage
  • Hostless operation – Dual core MCU reduces BOM
  • Fully featured development kits
  • Application design choice: Zephyr RTOS or utilize Nordic nRF Connect SDK

The BL5340 Series includes several module implementations of the nRF5340 – from integrated/external antenna options on the standard BL5340 option to the certified addition of Nordic’s nRF21540 PA/LA for increased range and transmit power. The support for Bluetooth 5.2 Isochronous Channels and LE audio provides next generation Bluetooth audio capabilities, opening up new use cases for product designers with stereo streaming and broadcast audio applications.

Visit the product page for more product information and to sign up for access to beta samples: