Bluetooth SIG Specification Portfolio Improvement Project – Deprecation and Withdrawal

Thu, 02/14/2019 - 09:59

As per prior Laird Connectivity Blog notices, the Bluetooth SIG has now implemented this project from 28th January 2019, to coincide with the launch of Bluetooth Core Specification v5.1.

What does this mean for customers of Laird’s already Bluetooth SIG listed Bluetooth modules and products?

In reality, these Deprecated and Withdrawal notices from the Bluetooth SIG, do not change the overall situation for Laird module customers, except add a deadline by which certain products need to be Qualified and Declared. The key point to highlight here is that Laird’s modules are already fully Bluetooth SIG tested, listed and qualified as ‘End Products’ or ‘Controller’ subsystems. This means that no additional testing is required when utilised by Laird’s customers to Bluetooth SIG certify their end product designs. One important point to stress to clients is that they should not change the Laird design, which would trigger additional Bluetooth SIG testing and therefore a new Bluetooth design listing, which would not be possible for Bluetooth specifications v2.1 to v4.1 as these Core Specifications are now Deprecated. Any new designs that require testing will need to be qualified to Core Spec v4.2 or above.

The following tables break down the various Laird modules by Bluetooth Core Specification and clarify the status, fees and timelines on each.