Sentrius RG1xx LoRaWAN Gateway + Wi-Fi / Ethernet + Optional LTE (US Only)
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690-1002 / 690-1003
Additional Description
Sentrius RG1xx IP67 Gateway - Including LoRaWAN (868MHz), Wi-Fi & Ethernet
Antenna Type
Chipset (Wireless)
Semtech SX1301/1257, QCA (CSR) 8811, QCA AR6004
Frequency Range (Max)
2483 MHz
Frequency Range (Min)
2400 MHz
Frequency Range 2 (Max)
5825 MHz
Frequency Range 2 (Min)
5150 MHz
Frequency Range 3 (Max)
870 MHz
Frequency Range 3 (Min)
863 MHz
Logical Interfaces
Web-based Interface (WebLCM)
Part Group
Standard RG1xx (Wi-Fi / LoRa / Ethernet)
Product Type
IoT Gateway
Europe (EU)
System Architecture
802.11abgn, LoRaWAN


Name Part Type Last Updated
Product Brief - Sentrius RG1xx Series Gateway 450-0190 Product Brief 03/21/2023
Overview - Understanding LoRa 450-0190 Documentation 02/28/2019
EU Certifications - RG186 and RG186-M2 450-0190 Certification 01/07/2021
Quick Start Guide - Sentrius RG1xx v3.0 450-0190 Documentation 03/05/2020
868 MHz Compatible Antennas for RG186 - Datasheet 450-0190 Datasheet 05/08/2019
Application Note - Setting up Basic station on the Things Stack v3 450-0190 Application Note 08/09/2021
Application Note - Setting up Basic Station on The Things Network (TTN v2) 450-0190 Application Note 05/06/2021
Application Note - Setting Up Basics Station on ChirpStack 450-0190 Application Note 08/20/2020
PCN 3A-2020 – RG1xx 450-0190 Documentation 04/27/2020
PCN 9A-2018 - RG1xx 450-0190 Documentation 11/26/2019
PCN 10A-2018 - RG1xx 450-0190 Documentation 01/17/2019
PCN 11A-2019 - RG1xx 450-0190 Documentation 11/25/2019
Application Note - RG1xx AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN 450-0190 Application Note 09/05/2023
PCN 2B-2021 – RG1xx 450-0190 Documentation 11/06/2022
PCN_11A-2022 - RG1xx 450-0190 Documentation 11/11/2022

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