Laird Telecom Antennas: Optimal RF Performance, Design and Reliability

Laird Telecom Antennas: Optimal RF Performance, Design and Reliability

Consumers expect wireless connectivity just about everywhere. Wireless operators must provide networks that can handle the ever-growing demand for bandwidth and quality of service while reducing operating costs. High-quality telecom antennas play a critical role in these networks, whether they are outdoor, indoor, DAS, integrated/embedded or custom built. Laird is a key supplier of the highest quality telecom antennas for wireless operators worldwide, with optimal RF performance, elegant design and world-class reliability.

Our Technologies

Laird's distributed antenna systems feature ultra-low profile designs for SISO, multi-port and MIMO applications.

DAS Mimo Antennas

Custom Antennas for Telecom
Laird is a world leader in custom antenna design and manufacturing for many of the world’s leading carriers. These antennas include small cells and Massive MIMO.

5G Massive MIMO Antenna

Cellular Infrastructure and User Devices
Laird has a broad set of outdoor, indoor and embedded/integrated antenna solutions for wireless networks and user devices.

Laird’s New AA-480 Cooler Improves Reliability of Cellular Coverage While Reducing Installation and Maintenance Costs

Why Choose Laird

Engineering Expertise
Engineering Expertise

Laird is known for our broad expertise in telecom antennas with low PIM design for 5G massive MIMO to ultra-small embedded antennas. Laird has senior level antennas engineers located at key locations worldwide.

Global Support Team
Global Support Team

When it comes to meeting our customers’ needs, Laird takes care of everything: our local teams harness our global investment in research and development to design, build, test and deliver custom telecom antennas to the scale and quantity you need, with the ability to up-scale production capacity virtually on demand.

Highest Quality Antenna Design at Highly Competitive Prices
Highest Quality Antenna Design at Highly Competitive Prices

Laird’s state-of-the-art production and testing facilities enable us to offer industry-leading telecom antenna performance and reliability. Laird’s years of experience with high-volume manufacturing enables high-end design, quality and manufacturing processes with highly competitive pricing.

Products and Solutions for Public Safety

CFD Series 2-port Ceiling Mount Omni

The CFD69383P/CFD69383P1 are applicable for environments where aesthetics and wide-angle coverage are necessary for successful wireless deployment.

CFD Series - 2-port Ceiling Mount Omni

OC Series – Omni Antennas

The OC Series antennas are wide band omnidirectional antennas covering a wide range of frequency bands.

OC Series - Omni Antennas

PC Series – Yagi Antennas

Excellent for 800 MHz ESMR and SMR or conventional applications.

PC Series - Yagi Antennas

Custom Antennas

State-of-the-art, turnkey OEM custom design services for a wide variety of antennas in frequencies from 30 MHz to 40 GHz.

exploded antenna - small

Application Areas

Telecom: iDAS – In-building Distributed Antenna Systems (iDAS) improve indoor connectivity by bringing cellular radio signals inside buildings where a majority of cell phone users typically reside. Proper antenna selection helps ensure the call quality and connection speeds that users expect in locations such as:

  • Hospitality
  • Enterprise
  • Universities
  • Shopping centers

Telecom: Base station antennas are a critical element in any telecom network. The deployment of antenna solutions requires a combination of antenna styles with various RF characteristics, mechanical and environmental needs. Laird Connectivity base station antennas include:

  • Small Cell
  • MMIMO (massive MIMO)
  • Private network
  • Backhaul

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