Sentrius RG1xx + RS1xx IoT Starter Kit

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The IoT is all about getting data to the cloud and taking critical actions based on the information in the world around us. Our RG1xx Gateway and RS1xx Sensors make it effortless to prototype your long-range Temperature/Humidity and Open/Closed applications and start gathering meaningful data today.

The kit contains: 

  • 1x Sentrius RG1xx LoRaWAN Gateway + Wi-Fi / Ethernet
  • 1x Sentrius RS1xx Sensor  (featuring Temp/RH + Open/Closed sensing capabilities)
  • Open/Closed cable assembly
  • Our free AWS-based sensor payload decoders, converting binary sensor data into meaningful information
  • Power adapter

The combination makes it easy to gather sensor data and send it as far as 10km in open air to our gateway, where it can be sent to the cloud via Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

The RG1xx included within the Starter Kit is configurable with many popular packet forwarders, such as Semtech Basics Station, UDP forwarder, and compatible with cloud services such as AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN, The Things Network, ChirpStack and Senet.

RS1xx sensors are easy to install, last for years on two AA batteries and are configurable over our mobile application.

As AWS Qualified Devices, the RG1xx and RS1xx are easy to quickly register with AWS IoT Core, eliminating the need to manage a LoRa Network Server and accelerating IoT application development

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  • Define the technology
  • Tackle tough questions like security, provisioning, and updates at scale
  • Select the right products and applications to meet the technical requirements at the right price points

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Wireless Specification
802.11abgn, LoRaWan, Ethernet (gateway)
LoRaWAN, Bluetooth 4.2 (Sensor)
Chipset (Wireless)
Gateway: SX1301/1257, CSR 8811 A08, QCA6004
Sensor: SX1272, nRF51822
Sensor Type
Relative Humidity
Door Open/Closed
Form Factor
Molded plastic housing
Gateway: 2x2 MIMO Wi-Fi, LoRaWAN, Ethernet
Sensor: Bluetooth 4.2, LoRaWAN, Open/Closed Peripheral
Gateway: Web-based GUI for config/updates, Pre-Loaded LoRa Forwarders (Semtech Basics Station / UDP Forwarder, Senet, Chirpstack, TTN)
Sensor: Mobile application 'Sentrius Sensor App' (Android/iOS)
Additional Description Included Gateway Included Sensor Included Peripheral
455-00121 European Version Sentrius™ RG186 Europe (EU868) 868 MHz Gateway - LoRaWAN, Wi-Fi & Ethernet – EU Power Adapter Sentrius™ RS186 Multi-Sensor – 868MHz External Open/Closed + integrated Temp / Humidity – Europe Open/Closed cable assembly for RS186 – 1830mm length cable (Single)
Additional Description Included Gateway Included Sensor Included Peripheral
455-00122 US Version Sentrius™ RG191 US (US902-928) 915 MHz Gateway - LoRaWAN, Wi-Fi & Ethernet – US Power Adapter Sentrius™ RS191 Multi-Sensor – 915MHz External Open/Closed + integrated Temp / Humidity – North America Open/Closed cable assembly for RS191 – 1830mm length cable (Single)


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Product Brief - RG1xx and RS1xx IoT Starter Kit All Brochure 09/16/2020
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Sentrius Sensor App - iTunes App Store All Software 12/01/2020
Application Note - RG1xx/RS1xx AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN All Application Note 01/06/2021
Application Note - RG1xx AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN All Application Note 01/06/2021