Sentrius™ BT7x0 Tracker / Multi-Sensor

Under Development


The Sentrius™ BT7x0 Series Bluetooth Tracker is a durable personnel-tracking solution including social distancing, contact tracing, proximity detection and RTLS tag functionality in partnership with Quuppa.  

Proximity sensors and Real Time Location Services (RTLS) are emerging as some of the most effective solutions for social distancing, contact tracing, handwashing compliance, and measuring proximity between employees in every industry. Our BT7x0 series offer Bluetooth 5 long-range, TruePoint Diversity enabled antenna system (TDAS), and a high-capacity battery, making them an ideal fit for today's critical contact tracing applications. 

They are available in two variants: 

  • BT710: Social distancing alerts and contact tracing when used with Laird Connectivity gateways to log proximity data.
  • BT720: Full Real Time Location Services when combined with Quuppa infrastructure (certification pending) with sub-1m accuracy.  Allows recorded playback of tag movements and locations. 

Based on Laird Connectivity’s 20 years of Bluetooth expertise, the BT7x0 Series Bluetooth Tracker integrates critical user notifications and best in class Bluetooth performance for the most accurate location performance.  Several form factors are available and Laird Connectivity’s team of Product Development Specialists are available to quickly provide custom options.  

Reliable Proximity and RTLS for Today's Critical Healthcare Applications

  • Bluetooth 5 Long Range
  • User Alerts - 4 high-visibility LEDs, flasher, vibration, beeper
  • Integrated push button
  • Accelerometer and barometer
  • Quuppa Tag Qualified (pending) for accurate RTLS (BT720)
  • FCC, ISED, CE Certified (pending)
  • Mounting options – Clip, Pendant/Lanyard, Wristband, Hard Hat adapter

Keeping Workers Safe and Tracking Disease Spread - A Smart Solution

The Sentrius™ BT710 Sensor is a long-range, flexible sensor platform for today's challenge of fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. Personnel-tracking solutions help companies keep employees safe by helping track and enforce safe working distances, and can identify and log non-compliances to stop disease transmission where it starts. With LED, vibration, and beeper alerts, the BT710 helps workers practice healthy distancing and keeps work communities at their best. 

BT710 Pendant Bluetooth Tracker


Bluetooth Version
FCC, ISED, CE (pending)
QUUPPA Tag Qualified (BT720, pending)
Sensor Type
Accelerometer, barometer, temperature, RTLS
Antenna Type
Integrated antenna
Integrated push-button input
LED Status
Four high-visibility LED indicators with animated visibility / flasher
Mounting Style
Wristband, clip, pendant, hard hat adapter


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