RS1xx Getting Started

Thank you for your purchase of the SentriusTM RS1xx packaged sensor! The RS1xx sensor allows you to monitor temperature and humidity data, and send it to an RG1xx LoRa-enabled Gateway, where it can be pushed to a cloud server, manipulated, and used for applications in the Internet of Things.

This page is designed to help you start using your product quickly and easily, right out of the box. For a full list of documentation, product specifications, and more, visit:

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Configuration Guide

Learn how to quickly configure your RS1xx sensor to work with The Things Network, creating your first LoRaWAN cloud application.


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User Guide

See the User Guide for complete documentation of RS1xx configuration, behavior, messages, and more.


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Sensor App Demo

See the SentriusTM RS1xx Sensor App, which makes it quick and easy to configure your sensor and read data from your mobile device.


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