BT850, BT851, and BT860 Series - Modules, Adapter, and DVKs

Bring the Benefits of Bluetooth 5 to Legacy Devices

Laird’s BT85x and BT860 Series build on the success of the original BT8x0 line of modules, giving OEM customers more options and flexibility for using the enhanced throughputs and security benefits in the Bluetooth 5 specification in their end devices. These solutions leverage the Cypress CYW20704 A2 chipset to provide exceptionally low power consumption with outstanding range for OEMs needing both Classic Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) support.

BT850 Modules

USB HCI module equipped with Bluetooth 5 shortens development time and provides more choices and flexibility to design your way.



BT851 Adapter

Bluetooth 5 external USB adapter plugs into any Windows/Android/Linux device and uses the Bluetooth stack in those operating systems.



BT860 Modules

Bluetooth 5 external USB adapter plugs into any Windows/Android/Linux device and uses the Bluetooth stack in those operating systems.



Secure, Efficient, and Optimized

The BT85x and BT860 Series is a smart option for companies looking to retrofit legacy devices with newer Bluetooth 5 specification supporting enhanced data rates and security features. These modules are ideal when designers need both performance and minimum size. They present a Bluetooth standard HCI interface with native support for Windows (USB only), Linux and Android software stacks for operating system backed devices. These modules are perfect for a wide array of applications.

  • Bluetooth 5 – Dual Mode – BR / EDR / LE – Classic Bluetooth and BLE
    • Supports DLE – Data Length Extensions
    • Supports LESC – Low Energy Secure Connections
    • Supports Multiple BLE Roles
  • Compact Footprint – Modules as small as 8.5x12.85 mm
  • Antenna Options – Integrated chip antenna or Trace Pad for external antennas
  • Class 1 Output – up to 8 dBm
  • USB v2.0 or UART host interface
  • GPIO, GCI, I2S and PCM
  • Industrial Operating Temp – -30° to +85°C
  • Bluetooth SIG approved – Hardware Controller Subsystem
  • International regulatory approvals – FCC, IC, CE, RCM, & Japan approvals
  • Fully-Featured Development Kit – Low cost kit for prototyping/debugging/integration testing to speed development time
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Delivering Ultra-Low Power IoT for the Real World

Medical Devices

The BT85x/BT860 excels in mission-critical environments like hospitals, providing a convenient option to update medical devices with newer Bluetooth 5 functionality.

BL654 Applications - Medical

Industrial Automation

Sensor data can provide deep insights needed to maintain energy efficiency and productivity within factories and manufacturing plants. Monitor and control temperatures, energy usage, output, downtime vs. uptime, and other critical metrics.

BL654 Applications - Industrial

Connected Appliances

Securely and remotely take control over household appliances like refrigerators, dish washers, coffer makers and more. Monitor and automatically get notified about food stock levels, energy usage and dishwasher status to create a more productive lifestyle.

BL654 Applications - Appliances

A Kit That Delivers Just What You Need

Laird’s BT850 and BT860 development kits provide a platform for rapid prototyping of BT850 and BT860 modules. The development boards provide simple, easy-to-use access to the various hardware interfaces and configuration options for the modules. These DVKs are the perfect platform to provide early development testing of the BT850 and BT860 features and functionality.

  • 1. DVK Unit
  • 2. Standoffs (x4)
  • 3. USB-A to Micro-USB Cable
  • 4. Fly Leads (x6)
  • 5. Laird FlexPIFA Antenna (-ST Kits ONLY)
  • 6. Insert Card

Make Wireless Easy to Deploy

Man in the Middle Protection

Bluetooth 4.2 introduced numeric comparison alongside the previously existing passkey entry and out of band pairing methods to significantly reduce the risk of active eavesdropping. During pairing, if both devices are capable of display, they will both generate a six-digit number that is derived in part from the Diffie-Hellman algorithm. They will then display this number, allowing the user to confirm the match. The probability of a Man in the Middle attacker generating this matching six-digit number is a mere .0001%.

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LE Secure Connections

Major improvements were introduced in Bluetooth v4.2 for increasing the security of BLE device connections. Low Energy connections no longer need to exchange the AES encryption keys over the connection and are FIPS compatible, meaning BLE is fully compliant in applications with highly sensitive and confidential data such as hospital environments.

Icon - Key

Industrial Temp-Rated Hardware

Industrial environments introduce a host of challenges for wireless solutions including extreme temperatures and humidity. Laird’s BT8x0/BT860 Series can operate in industrial temperatures ranging from -30 to +85 C, ensuring reliable connectivity in harsh operating environments.

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Partner with Laird to Achieve Your IoT Innovation

Laird’s proven history of over 20 years as a comprehensive provider of product and services for wireless product development is a guarantee behind every BT850/BT860 dev kit and module, providing ease of mind as well as extensive design support throughout the entirety of your product development efforts. If additional design work is required, Laird's Design Services team can provide additional customization and development for any design project.

When your project is nearing the finish line, Laird can also provide on-site EMC testing and certification services to help get your product out the door faster. We are dedicated to supporting your project from the earliest planning phase all the way through release and beyond.